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Getting 'Inside' the Four Gospels

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Collective Findings   from 1984 to 2018

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'Probably one of the most neutral but troubling feats attempted.' 

This work is unique in comparison to others like it. It began its journey over thirty five years ago, merely as an experiment, that ran into (‘the John issue’). Instead of admitting defeat, it was decided to look into it a bit deeper. After consider-able research, it was confirmed through professional resources, supported by many theologians and historians alike; check,
‘John; Gospel according to’, among encyclopedia works. Even the introduction to John's gospel in the NAB, agrees to those notations.

The unveiling of this find was discovered while attempting to align all the Gospels into a complete progressive chronological gospel narrative. It began with interweaving the synoptic gospels first. However, observations within John's gospel revealed a dual or split profile of Jesus, which seemed to be relevant to commentaries noted above. Not wanting to accept gridlock quite yet,  an idea came up of inserting the comparative portions from John in with the rest, for the purpose of, 'What if!' (Who knows, maybe the experiment was onto something!) Its impact was not to be fully realized until much later. (The parts not used confirmed a different writer(s) who later added in what he(they) thought were actual 'quotations' of Jesus).

Turns out, the potency of Christ’s class of delivery held to a much higher virtue and blossomed as a new door revealed the hard realization of the horrors many of these poor folks were facing, at the strangling grips of their corrupted leaders. Jesus was trying to bring back the true meaning of the Law and the Prophets, because of how badly they were being interpreted and enforced at the time. This being said, re-establishes what he meant when he proclaimed, "Do not think that I have come to destroy the Law and the Prophets, I have not come to destroy, but to fulfill them".  (Mt 5; 17).

After many years fine tuning and maybe smoothing the completed gospel compilation, if at all possible, (keep in mind, only actual scripture wording was used throughout this endeavor) , the finalized work became the 'New Revised COLLECTIVE GOSPEL OF JESUS', (with the added effort of over 990 'old English' wording swapped out). Though the result of this work revealed an eye opening display on the strain of those times and the importance Christ’s input was for the peoples’ sake, could it somehow be given more visibility? A highlighting of the text had already been an idea for some time. After the input was completed, the result  bumped it up to a whole new level. 

The second publication is an updated Deluxe Edition to the previously published work. In this edition, ALL the quotations have been 
COLOR CODED™. There is a 'Color Legend' included in the book so you can get a preview on how this set-up works. [They do not focus on each individual, but rather, their status level. This helped to keep down the number of colors.] The dialogues come alive and bring out the power of the real calamity in those times. You can immediately identify with who’s who, or which people are conversing at the time. The use of italics to represent their thoughts, gave it even more depth. Even without images, the story just pops out at you.

'It reads almost as a script.' It doesn’t feel like you’re just reading the Gospels' story, it feels like you’re in it!!

 Every Christian will want to see this!

 (Those with color issues may not get the full benefit put forth from this book. For them, it is recommended to stay with the 2010 B/W copy.)
'Two of One Kind'


Standard Edition, B/W, 2010;
ISBN-13: 978-1453846506

Deluxe Edition, Clr, 2013; ISBN-13: 978-1492736523


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